Awards that gives sales people what they really want – Recognition!


Why are rewards and recognition so important?

Recognizing and rewarding employee contributions and accomplishments are an important part of creating a quality culture. When employees know that their efforts are appreciated, it increases their self-esteem and satisfaction with their job. Their improved attitude toward their job encourages them to aim for quality and increases productivity. 


When offering rewards to top performers or those who reach certain goals, everybody benefits. Here are some perks of using our award program:

  •  Build business loyalty
  •  Communicate appreciation
  •  Reinforce hard work and desirable behavior
  •  Promote your company’s success
  •  Increase employee morale


Since Curvy Road offers many Flexible Plans we can help you with one special employee performance award, or we can help you implement a complete sales recognition program. Here are just some of our Plans:

  • Corporate Sales Incentives
  • Signing & Recruitment bonuses
  • Business use for client visits, management events
  • Retail promotions to generate store traffic
  • Employee Awards for top performers
  • Investor incentives


Curvy Road makes it easy to start:

  • Flexible Plans to meet your specific needs
  • Discounts available based on program size
  • A single share-program provides two to eight individual one-week driving award
  • Starting at $6,000